Open water has been the source of inspiration for North Shore since it was founded in 1982. Their aim has always been to combine this

knowledge with the quality and attention to detail needed to make kayak capable of handling even the most demanding conditions. This emphasis ensures you can enjoy the very best performance wherever your adventure might take you.

One of the biggest changes to date is North Shores venture into the world of polyethylene kayaks, with the Atlantic and Atlantic LV and also the Aspect and Aspect LV. All with their innovative design features that once again have taken the world by storm.

Released this year is the first all new composite sea kayak the Ocean. The first of a new breed of kayak with unique hull features and outstanding all round performance.

It has been said, North Shore views the world and kayaks slightly differently, which is not such a bad thing; it would not do to be all the same.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd then try North Shore, you won’t be disappointed.

Driven by quality and design
Hand built in Britain with care and pride